Removed of additives and only the 100% naturally cultivated high mountain tea from Taiwan Alishan is used.

Taiwan Alishan is one of the great five mountains in Taiwan with location on the west side of Jade Mountain. Alishan is renowned as the origin of Taiwan’s high mountain tea with wide extension and the exceptional natural environment. Situated on high elevation of Great Alishan Mountain, the weather is cool while the air al carried with humidity, giving an average annual temperature of 10 degree Celsius. The aroma of tea becomes even more naturally refreshing following the rise in elevation. The clouds and fog linger all day long while the number of foggy days exceed over 100 days. The tea is irrigated with the cold mountain spring water from cultivation, growth to harvest. The leaves are tender with thickness that lowers the bitterness and pungency of tea leaves.

Extending barriers gathers the special aroma of mountain tea.

The difference in altitudes, elevation, rainfalls and soil quality is reflected on the varying taste and fragrance of tea. Distributed in Alishan Township, Meishan Township, Zhuqi Township, and Fanglu Township, together brew the Jinxuan Tea with mellow milky and refreshing taste, and the emerald, fresh, and mellow high mountain oolong tea. The black tea comes with low pungency, bitterness and small irritation to give a mellow sweetness. The extending mountain ridges of Alishan provides exclusive taste of tea leaves, giving a profound and lasting aroma in addition to the prestigious texture. Alishan is truly a previous place for growing premium tea.